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Founded by Andrew Lang in 2006, Cycloc’s first product - the Solo - was created out of necessity. Originally intended as a one-off, Andrew - an avid cyclist and industrial designer - designed the Solo when space became an issue in his London flat. Recognising that others had the same need for cycle storage solutions, he gave up his day job and Cycloc was born!

Cycloc’s next product was the Endo. With its space saving, fold flat features and suitability for high density storage it soon became a hit, especially in commercial environments where cycling facilities are essential for staff. Fast-forward to the present and Cycloc is the market leader for design led bicycle storage solutions having created a family of products that allows you to integrate cycling, whether a passion or practicality, into your personal and professional life.

Cycloc is based in London but we export globally. Our products have been adopted in homes, offices and commercial spaces across the world and have been recognised by awards and accolades within the cycling and design industry.




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